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Irwin Wenzel

Omie Spirit Portrait Omie is an exceptionally gifted intuitive. Working with her is enlightening. I had some issues which I confided in her, and trough her talents and connection to spirit, she has guided me in a situation which I needed help in. In addition, after my sessions with her, I found myself calm, and less stressed. I recommend to anyone if there are issues in your life which you need some guidance, Omie is highly qualified to assist.


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Whitney Banks

Omie Spirit Portrait Wow. I was referred by a dear friend of mine Pooja and I’m so glad. Omie has been nothing but amazing providing much needed clarity to my very hectic life. I started getting readings when I was at my lowest. The pandemic definitely did not help. But, Omie is the realest, warmest, guiding soul I’ve come across in a long time. Thank you so much for helping me navigate throughout my healing journey, and get a reading with her. She really put things in perspective.


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PriYanka PacHigar

Omie Spirit Portrait As a complete newbie to tarot card reading, I booked a session with a open mind, not really knowing what to expect. The whole experience was so wonderful and extremely positive! Omie answered all my questions on the process and was incredibly patient - her reading was accurate and it has without a doubt given me clarity! I have since booked a Reiki and would definitely recommend Omie to friends and family. I should also mention I’m located outside of the States and my timezone was not an issue! I can’t stress enough, the clarity and positivity I’ve been feeling since this experience - thank you so much Omie!


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Heidi Barton

Omie Spirit Portrait Omie is a truly gifted spiritual worker and healer. Although I work in the spiritual realm in my profession, I needed some guidance on an issue that I couldn’t see for myself. Omie saw the issue with so much clarity and a deep connection. Spirit works through her in truly amazing ways. She touched on some things I didn’t even think to ask about, but needed to know. She is warm, kind, and engaging. A bad ass mystic, and a true gem. I am feeling much better about the situation, and very thankful that Spirit got a message to me through her. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


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Adrienne Fransas

Omie Spirit Portrait I am happy to have found Omie during my struggle with recent tragedy! Despite our virtual visit, many fine nuances and details came to light, that brought a level of comfort and peace of mind and heart to this grieving daughter and sister. Blessings to her ? Adrienne F.


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Pooja Pachigar

Omie Spirit Portrait Omie has been incredibly helpful during my journey. I've gotten both Tarot Readings and Reiki done by her. She is extremely gifted and very intuitive! I've been going to her for spiritual work for about 3 years now, and I continue to do so! I think reiki can really help everyone in some way. I have found it extremely beneficial for my physical, mental, and spiritual health. She unblocks my chakras and focuses on the energies that are very low, to restore them and bring balance back to my body. After her session she emailed me a detailed message on what energies were low in my body, and what seemed to be unbalanced. She also gives with recommendations on how to prevent your energy to drop again, including wearing crystals. After my reiki session I feel rejuvenated, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like a completely different person! Any problems I had prior to my reiki session barely affect me. If you're ever feeling down, or like you're in a funk reiki is the way to go! Her readings are also incredibly accurate! I've gotten quite a few and each time I've gained clarity on the situations I was going through. They're always very insightful and she is truly gifted. You spirit guides will guide through her, it's incredible! If you're skeptical about big decisions whether it regards love, finance, career, or even anything small Omie is very accurate in her tarot readings! I definitely recommend her to anybody who is seeking guidance!


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John McMahan

Omie Spirit Portrait Omie is a healer God's gift to this world. She has been given a gift or a burden how ever her journey has been, she can hear want our ears can't hear. She can see what our eyes can't see. Its a gift from God to help us through this life. My experience has been one of enlightenment I asked God for answers, I pray, I believe . Then I found Omie. She has the ability to reach you, get through to you in the hard times and the good times. The Holy Spirt guides us and He guided me to her. Thank you Omie God bless you.


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Daniel Arrieta

Omie Spirit Portrait Omie Spirit helped me through a tough time during 2020, I would not be in a good place if it weren’t for her divine guidance. I would recommend Omie to anyone who is seeking guidance and wanting to follow their true life path.


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